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BRITE-X prides itself in bringing the right buyers and sellers together. We are experts in the selling of property under challenging circumstances. We offer unique business solutions with our excellent asset valuation services. Our team of experts work with a set of refined methodologies that provide clients with comprehensive and effective valuations to determine the ideal estimated value. Our online marketing and social media extends our geographic reach and bringing buyers and sellers together, bidders to the bidding table, resulting in accelerated and optimised selling opportunities for both sellers and buyers.

BRITE-X specialises in offering quality services for the industrial, commercial and domestic sectors, including mines, banks, trustees, attorneys, estate managers, private individuals and government sectors.

  • Selling of fixed properties on Live Auctions and bringing buyers and sellers together

  • Selling of movable assets on Live Auctions

  • Real Estate

  • Valuation Services

Areas of Specialisation

  • Real Estate: Residential, Commercial, Industrial and agricultural from small holdings to game-farms.

  • Deceased and Insolvent estates: Asset disposal

  • Movable Assets: Vehicles, Trucks, Construction machinery and equipment

  • Mining: Equipment and Machinery

  • Assistance: Helping sellers who need to release capital fast


Auction Benefits

In Your Face Advertising

  • High impact with absolute exposure.

  • Less stressful.

  • Less time consuming for owner.

  • Buyers viewing time, auction date two hours before auction starts.

Auctions Represent Seller

  • Confusion regarding the sale is avoided as there are no negotiations with the buyer in terms of the sale.

  • We focus on both the seller and the buyer.

Strong Message To The Market

  • An auction demonstrates that the seller is serious about selling.

  • Buyers are encouraged not to waste time.

  • An intense demand is created in an environment where the highest bidder wins.

Transparency And Fairness

  • The transparent process of an auction ensures a fair and open process for all parties.

  • A property sold on public auction, is sold as ‘Voetstoots’

Buyers Compete At Auctions

  • All potential buyers are assembled on-site which creates competitive bidding and buying.

  • The Buyer becomes emotionally invested in the property.


  • The seller, and his or her family, enjoys more privacy and reduced stress.

  • Less hassle for the seller and his or her family.

  • Your reason for selling will be valued and respected and those near to you including your personal circumstances that will be treated with dignity. We will respect your individual needs and your confidentiality.

  • Whatever your reason is for selling, our team of experts will keep it confidential.

Main Objective

  • Auctions release assets fast.

  • The Seller saves money by avoiding holding costs such as Rates and Taxes.

  • Arrears, and interest on arrears, are limited due to the shorter time frame the auction provides for.

Auction Process

On Instruction

  • Property listed.

  • Market value researched.

  • Property reports issued.

Marketing Strategy

  • Unique marketing strategy created to each property.

  • Ensure strategy is in compliance with local and government regulations.

  • Utilising marketing tools: Internet listings on own and industry sites, outdoor marketing, printing media, database marketing (e-flyers), and network marketing.

The Auction

  • Auction process concluded.

  • Conditions of Sale submitted for consideration.

After The Auction

  • Settlement Statement issued with deposit.

  • Liaison with transferring attorney initiated and maintained until registration of transfer is conclude.

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Brite-X prides itself in bringing the right buyers and sellers / landlords and tenants together. We are experts in the selling of property under challenging circumstances. We offer unique business solutions with our property valuation services.